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Nowadays we encounter an increase in the number of burglaries, attacks, terror actions, illegal border crossings so the protection of the premises and of persons has an important role. Using razor wire such secure protection may be reached which helps reduce to a minimum the number of such actions. So the razor wire is one of the most effective protective devices. It is almost impossible to get through the wires with sharp spikes that run circularly. The spiked strips or the wire obstacle rolls may be placed extremely rapidly and simply on existing buildings but they ensure outstanding protection even when standing on their own.

Fixed or mobile fast obstacles using razor wire

The wire obstacles which are rolled in spirals may be extended like an accordion. The razor wires may be used several times; their re-building can be managed easily.

The usage possibilites of the wire obstacles are varied, indeed:
• such effective method of protecting different roofs, walls, fences, which is impossible to overcome, or at least may be forced through very difficultly,
• ensuring the strengthening of existing walls and fences,
• many customers prefer those closures with more layers which are made with wire obstacles built in pyramids of three or six,
• a double-rowed closure may be obtained easily by placing more similar or different rolls on top of each other.

The multiple wire obstacles ensure multiplied protection. Through the obstacles built by putting the rolls on top of each other with a certain shift may only be crossed on foot using expensive devices, during long period of time and besides acute danger of wounding. Getting through using wheeled vehicles is impossible.


BTO-22-Ø450 mm (rolled)

BTO-22-Ø950 mm (can be straightened)

BTO-22-Ø730 mm (rolled)

razor sizes

usage possibilities

usage possibilities


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